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At this site I will try to show you all the hydrofoils we have in the Netherlands:
scale models, but the big ones as well.
Most people know The Netherlands as a small country below the sea level
with windmills, wooden shoes, tulips, cheese, herring, red-light district and drugs....
But there's more to offer!
In our history we have developed a great system of waterways,
where a great number of ships and pushing barges transport a lot of, freight.
And since a couple of years we have added one more to the list.
High speed passenger transportation!
You might think with all this water, why haven't they started this before?
Because most waterways are to narrow for high speed ferries and the regular ships.
But we have found a couple of waterways where we can all fit in!


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Mark van Rijzen
Captain of hydrofoil Voskhod 606
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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